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90-pantyhose4u.net Bias detectives the researchers striving to make algorithms fair As machine learning infiltrates society scientists are trying to help ward off injustice. Rachel Courtland Search for this author inIllustration by Mario WagnerIn 2015 a worried father asked Rhema Vaithianathan a question that still weighs on her mind. A small crowd had gathered in a basement room in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to hear her explain how software might tackle child abuse. Each day the areas hotline receives dozens of calls from people who suspect that a child is in danger some of these are then flagged by callcentre staff for investigation. But the system does not catch all cases of abuse. Vaithianathan and her colleagues had just won a halfmilliondollar contract to build an algorithm to help.Vaithianathan a health economist who codirects the Centre for Social Data Analytics at the Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand told the crowd how the algorithm migh

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